Guarda le stelle

Some of the illustrations I've done together with Pia Valentinis for the book" Guarda le stelle" published in Italy by Fatatrac. The book explains adoption to children, Gabriele Clima wrote the text with the support of ItaliaAdozioni.

Mamma e' Funtana

Mamma'e Funtana (aka Maria Farranca, Maria Abbranca, Mamma e su Putzu, Maria Franca e' Erru, Maria Mangrofa, Strega e' Funtana, Maria Pettinedda) is a creature found in Sardinian folklore,
when I was a child my mom used to tell me scary stories about her.
She lives in a well, she's a really ugly old lady with long nails to seize children.
I've done this drawing for Contus Antigus, 11 illustrators from my island for 11 tales of the Sardinian tradition.

Moony on Planet Earth!

Moony finally landed on  Planet Earth!
He made his first appearance on the shelves of the Frankfurt Book Fair.
Thanks Helbling for the pics.

DPI magazine Art Quarter vol.7


I've just received my copy of DPI magazine Art Quarter vol.7 from Taiwan, they asked me some
questions for a short interview months ago. I'm included in this special issue dedicated to the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition and I have the honor to share my works with artists and friends I admire, such as Michele RocchettiMarco SomàPhilip Giordano, etc.


There were two sisters side by side...
Mixed media

Celtic Legends

Two small drawings I've done for the Irish legend Clann Lir (Children of Lir)
and the salmon of knowledge of the Fenian Cycle.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair


I'm happy! My illustrations will be in this year's exhibition!
Thanks to the international panel who chose my work!